Friday, January 11, 2019

They’re always there

It has always been there, said recently Deta Hedman, a British darts champion of Jamaican origins, talking about racism, as well as citing the last email received after the recent defeat.
Kill yourself, the text of the message.
It should not be sent to anyone, such a message, she commented, although she also added that such attacks over time did not completely discourage her and that she faced them trying to get even stronger.
Not everyone has such vigor of mind and will, unfortunately.
Nonetheless, Hedman is right.

Like their foolish aggressions, the racists have always been there.
Indeed, they are always there.
But at the same time, somewhere, perhaps right next door, guilty of unjustified unawareness, there are those who are not racist.
Well, it's all there, the play of the parts that can make the living theater a better place.
The one where the egalitarian and healthy voices of the world will earn the proscenium and, siding with the victims, courageously face with the latter the bad villain’s gaze...

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