Friday, February 8, 2019

If Liam Neeson had been black

Recently, Irish actor Liam Neeson made an interview, speaking about a personal experience.
Some time ago, a dear friend of him told him she had been raped.
Neeson asked her what color the assailant was and the woman answered black.

Well, the star has thus declared – being ashamed of himself, to have gone around for almost a week every day armed with a stick hoping that some "black bastard" provoked him.
Let's put aside the dullness of the famous actor – who I don’t say is totally racist, but he still expresses a highly discriminatory concept without even realizing it, and I don’t know what is worse.
Instead, I invite you to consider the opposite.
Imagine a famous Afro-American actor like Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman making the equivalent statements, revealing that he had wandered for days on the streets in search of "white bastards" to beat or worse.
Difficult to imagine it, right?
Because it doesn’t happen and because this is also the difference that doesn’t make us all the same in the eyes of the world because of our skin.
Who denies it, or he doesn’t understand, or he has all the interest to leave the things like that...

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Racism’s face

The face of racism is in the expression of a boy who mocks an elderly man.
But you may also read as the great-grandson of an informal mass of colonizers, made up of people in search of fortune, but also murderers and criminals of all kinds, who allowed himself, under the objective of the camera and the laughs of his friends, to make fun of the victims’ descendant of the most neglected genocide in history, with at least one hundred million deaths.
Now, watch it with me...

Here it is, the racism’s face.
That dumbly bold look.
That smile as dull as without empathy.
Those cold and without any intelligent light eyes.
That scornful and intolerant face doesn’t come from nowhere.
Someone, among so-called parents, bad teachers by profession or just by vocation, shameful examples, have drawn it on his bare skin.
This is the face and the son.
Of racism.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The white man

Once upon a time there was a white man.
That is, the racial profiling which in Italy is becoming normal as in US.
I am talking about, following the news, the alleged skin’s colour of a corpse found in Burkina Faso, in Africa.
The body of a white man (Il corpo di un uomo bianco, in Italian), that’s what they need to write.

Because it needs to be clarified, it’s not racism, they say.
Words serve that.
To give a name to things that don’t have only one. And above all those whose generality doesn’t count at all, but only the skin’s colour.
Because there are words that are everything and others that are less than that.
That's why they get lost in the dark, darkness inside darkness, black between the blackest black.
On the other hand, you could perhaps write write just “a corpse was found”, period.
A man's body, and that's it.
Then, informing and taking care of the essential details in the article, or story that is.
Because this is the meaning, or the purpose, of the presence on the page, the link that is revealed between those who create it and those who read it.
Informing and taking care of the essential details.
Instead, here's what happens.
Found the corpse of a white man.
The body of a white man.
Because, despite what they will tell you, those who hide behind such words are driven by the irrepressible need to distinguish one colour from another.
Well, I'm sorry, but this is exactly what racism is.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

They’re always there

It has always been there, said recently Deta Hedman, a British darts champion of Jamaican origins, talking about racism, as well as citing the last email received after the recent defeat.
Kill yourself, the text of the message.
It should not be sent to anyone, such a message, she commented, although she also added that such attacks over time did not completely discourage her and that she faced them trying to get even stronger.
Not everyone has such vigor of mind and will, unfortunately.
Nonetheless, Hedman is right.

Like their foolish aggressions, the racists have always been there.
Indeed, they are always there.
But at the same time, somewhere, perhaps right next door, guilty of unjustified unawareness, there are those who are not racist.
Well, it's all there, the play of the parts that can make the living theater a better place.
The one where the egalitarian and healthy voices of the world will earn the proscenium and, siding with the victims, courageously face with the latter the bad villain’s gaze...

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Racism in football 2018

Once upon a time there was a words game called modern society.
Where an English footballer accuses the media of feeding racism.

Where, usually, the media accuse the politicians to do the same.
Where politicians point the finger at those who insult and attack.
And where those who are guilty of such ignoble actions deny it is racism, the cause of everything.
So, that fist is just violence.
And that offense is ignorance, at worst, idiocy.
That spit is rudeness.
And those “buu” at the stadium are just supporters chants.
That assault of many against one is a joke.
And that unpleasant epithet is an unhelpful phrase.
Because, at the end of the day, racism is part of us, or it does not exist.
And if it does not exist, we have not heard about “black players”, but just “players”.
Not even “black athletes”.
But only “athletes”.
In short, humans.
How I wish it was like that...

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Racist laws in Italy

Once upon a time a law for the family.
However, you should not do any mistakes: I am talking about the Aryan family.
Or the Italian version.
In fact, let’s not mix.
Comrade, all to us!
In the literal sense, you know?
Everything to “us” and nothing to “them”.
Patriotic brothers and sisters, the actual Italian government has approved yet another amendment to defend the Italian race.
In fact, the old law allowed families with modest incomes and at least three minor children to receive discounts on goods and services of various kinds, such as medicines, food, bills and more.

All families, without the necessary genetic distinction, creating a dangerous and contaminating mixture that, as knights of pure blood, we have decided to eradicate.
By the way, someone voted for that, right?
And what else, then?
Therefore, thanks to our sterilizing modification, the facilitation will be guaranteed only to Aryan families, in other words, of proven Italian origin, guitars, spaghetti and mandolin, also mafia, all the repertoire, as long as it is certified stuff.
At the same time, families... that is, exotic agglomerations that persist in wanting to look civil like us by contracting marriage and having sons, however legally regular, will never be able to enjoy our own privileges.
Because we are not racists.
Maybe we are, maybe we just pretend it to gain consensus.
Surely are the ones who voted for us.
But they did not understood it yet...

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Friday, November 30, 2018

It is not racism, they say

Once upon a time there was a voice.
You can hear it now too.
For sure you can read the words.
Or the delusions, the music does not change.
The daring keyboard comments.
And the monologues screamed in the shelter of an arrogant PC chair.
Once upon a time, indeed, the voice that before the video of the teenager attacked by a schoolmate in England, as well as any kind of discriminatory gesture and insult, will tell you that is not about racism.
Racism does not exist here, they used to say.
Just a few rotten apples.
That this is only a joke.
A classic fight between boys.
There have always been and ever will.
We must not bring racism into play for everything.
That is just normal bullying.
Although this last juxtaposition of words should be forbidden by any kind of syntax.
Once upon a time, therefore, racism for those who deny its existence.
Where a young Syrian refugee is subjected to a schooling version of waterboarding by an English boy, the origin of both has nothing to do with it.
As if it were not taught every day by many, too many governments of this world...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Santa Claus free Zwarte Piet

Santa Claus and Zwarte Piet (photo from Wikipedia)
Dear Santa Claus,
I mean, the Dutch version, and Belgian too.
I understand that traditions are important, I see that.
I am aware of the fact that, despite the inconsistencies with real life, what really matters is not the purely formal aspects, but the meaning of the rite.
Obviously I will not lose time with considerations about the mad consumerism during December before your personal holiday.
I pass even in front of the cumbersome bond that sees your indistinguishable figure, as well as your look and happy laugh, with the last century’s ads about the famous effervescent and energizing drink.
I will also try to not mention the colossal contradiction between the usual picture of the 25th, with the happy family gathered under the shining tree, and the majority of the world dying for hunger and poverty.
Nonetheless, even the traditions, especially the benevolent ones on paper, which to wrap gifts and pious intentions with, they must have a heart somewhere.
Please, give a gift to the people born with the allegedly wrong skin.
Untie the chains that imprison Zwarte Piet, Black Pete, or whatever you call him.
Free his character from the recurring nightmare.
Because some will like to play Santa Claus, but nobody is happy to be the little black assistant...

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Find the differences

Join the great game.
Actually, you're playing it since birth, even without moving a finger.
Because let's say it, it's not that everyone is really interested to your participation.
Consider the world that represents you, or at least it should do.
See it as an enigma to solve, one of those which to spend time with during a trip.
Despite on this interval there is someone who is making the main choices about your future and your loved ones.
Open your eyes, now, I recommend, look carefully at the power board.
The scheme is simple, like most of the balances that determine our existence.
Go, find the differences:

Do you want the so-called hint?
Which box contains more women, before the usual, discounted number of men?
Where is more cultural and ethnic heterogeneity?
Which image is more like reality, rather than a falsification?
And then they say that there is no difference between right and left...

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The global danger

When the greenest and most multicolored country, the most heterogeneous and less identifiable nation for skin’s color and eyes’ shape, the line of the face and the trendy fashion, the land where words are music, and music belongs to everyone, where poverty has never managed to stop the population from smiling and dance, to mix and blend, in a colorful hue, recognizable from above as well as from below, above all from the bottom.
When the country with a heart of oxygen and the largest nature, and from the simplicity of celebrating every moment with a party, even if is not a party at all.
When everything of that decides to choose as a leader a fascist, racist and environment’s enemy, tell me if the danger is not global...

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lord Sugar racist tweet reply

I recognize some of these guys from the world I live.
From eyes that spread life and future.
From a hope for justice flowing as blood on each vein.
I recognize all of these brothers just as human beings.
I do, because I am not more than one of them.
I recognize their being together against their opponents.
I do, since I know how important it might be.
Not being alone.
I recognize they should know how crucial their occasion will be.
The lucky chance to fight for a victory.
In front of billions of people who could only dream that.
Then, I see you, so-called lord Sugar, and I don’t recognize anything…

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