Thursday, November 15, 2018

Find the differences

Join the great game.
Actually, you're playing it since birth, even without moving a finger.
Because let's say it, it's not that everyone is really interested to your participation.
Consider the world that represents you, or at least it should do.
See it as an enigma to solve, one of those which to spend time with during a trip.
Despite on this interval there is someone who is making the main choices about your future and your loved ones.
Open your eyes, now, I recommend, look carefully at the power board.
The scheme is simple, like most of the balances that determine our existence.
Go, find the differences:

Do you want the so-called hint?
Which box contains more women, before the usual, discounted number of men?
Where is more cultural and ethnic heterogeneity?
Which image is more like reality, rather than a falsification?
And then they say that there is no difference between right and left...

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