Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Santa Claus free Zwarte Piet

Santa Claus and Zwarte Piet (photo from Wikipedia)
Dear Santa Claus,
I mean, the Dutch version, and Belgian too.
I understand that traditions are important, I see that.
I am aware of the fact that, despite the inconsistencies with real life, what really matters is not the purely formal aspects, but the meaning of the rite.
Obviously I will not lose time with considerations about the mad consumerism during December before your personal holiday.
I pass even in front of the cumbersome bond that sees your indistinguishable figure, as well as your look and happy laugh, with the last century’s ads about the famous effervescent and energizing drink.
I will also try to not mention the colossal contradiction between the usual picture of the 25th, with the happy family gathered under the shining tree, and the majority of the world dying for hunger and poverty.
Nonetheless, even the traditions, especially the benevolent ones on paper, which to wrap gifts and pious intentions with, they must have a heart somewhere.
Please, give a gift to the people born with the allegedly wrong skin.
Untie the chains that imprison Zwarte Piet, Black Pete, or whatever you call him.
Free his character from the recurring nightmare.
Because some will like to play Santa Claus, but nobody is happy to be the little black assistant...

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