Friday, February 8, 2019

If Liam Neeson had been black

Recently, Irish actor Liam Neeson made an interview, speaking about a personal experience.
Some time ago, a dear friend of him told him she had been raped.
Neeson asked her what color the assailant was and the woman answered black.

Well, the star has thus declared – being ashamed of himself, to have gone around for almost a week every day armed with a stick hoping that some "black bastard" provoked him.
Let's put aside the dullness of the famous actor – who I don’t say is totally racist, but he still expresses a highly discriminatory concept without even realizing it, and I don’t know what is worse.
Instead, I invite you to consider the opposite.
Imagine a famous Afro-American actor like Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman making the equivalent statements, revealing that he had wandered for days on the streets in search of "white bastards" to beat or worse.
Difficult to imagine it, right?
Because it doesn’t happen and because this is also the difference that doesn’t make us all the same in the eyes of the world because of our skin.
Who denies it, or he doesn’t understand, or he has all the interest to leave the things like that...

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